every 1st september we joke about getting ready for hogwarts to cover up the very real and very very deep scars of never getting our letters

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Women do not have to:



  • be thin
  • give birth
  • cook for you
  • have long hair
  • wear makeup
  • have sex with you
  • be feminine
  • be graceful
  • shave
  • diet
  • be fashionable
  • wear pink
  • love men
  • be the media’s idea of perfection
  • listen to your bullshit
  • have a vagina

This is very true, but it’s important to remember that if a woman is feminine, graceful, shaves, diets, wears make up, or does any of these things in the list, it doesn’t make her a slave to patriarchy or any less of a feminist than you.


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Ultra Music Festival 2015 will officially be 18+ for the first time!


Ultra Music Festival 2015 will officially be 18+ for the first time!


Reblog and add who is your Favorite out of:

  • Dillon Francis
  • Zedd
  • Porter Robinson
  • Skrillex
  • Madeon

So then we all know what people enjoy more!

Daddy Francis all day every day 🙌

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So I would like to tell you all about a very special girl named Nadia. This was her first ever PLUR package trade and holy shit I’m amazed. Not only did I get like 10+ singles, but also a Sagittarius necklace, ohm window sticker, journal, and this incredible hand made crop top with a Day of the Dead themed mau5 head design 😍😍😍

Thank you so so so much all-i-killl-is-time you are so amazing! And my kitty Nova loves your box as well so another thank you from him 😻

Kandi charm? But what should it say? Something wonderland-esque I think.

Thoughts? Opinions??

Kandi charm? But what should it say? Something wonderland-esque I think.

Thoughts? Opinions??

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My favorite kandi trade at EDC LV 2014.

In between the line to scan your ID and the line to get the pat down, this cop stopped me, complimented my kandi and asked to trade. He even knew the handshake, like he was a pro. 

Such a sweet guy. I love that the police officers embrace our culture and help create a positive atmosphere <3

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theoriginalbastard said: You're going far in life lololol




Lol you don’t even know me lmfao

Actually, I kind of am going somewhere in life.

I’m happily married, about to move back to America and have my own place with my husband(who is not a citizen, which is why I’m in Sweden in the first place, but he will soon be receiving his green card), I have a 3.9gpa in college (studying nursing) and we don’t even use drugs that often anymore.

Don’t talk shit dude. Just cause someone uses drugs, doesn’t mean they are going no where in life. Just because I made mistakes in the past, does not mean I cannot further my life.

The next time you lose everything and become a full time junkie and rise up and find a way to better yourself and get a 3.9gpa, learn to not use very often, have a wonderful husband/wife, are in the process of getting your own place, ALL while battling anxiety, addiction, an eating disorder, PTSD and either bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder, THEN you can fucking talk down to me.

But seriously who the fuck is this kid to talk shit ? You can’t go anywhere in life because of drugs ? Really that’s fucking hilarious because my brother got into Penn State, had 4.0 all throughout college and high school and guess what he’s doing now ? Working on Wall Street in New York. Oh and you know what else? He does and has always done drugs. So who the fuck are you to attack people for doing drugs.

Examples of why we need to rethink our understanding of drug use. Using drugs does not automatically make ANYONE a bad, useless member of society. It’s all about a person’s relationship with drugs. Plenty of people go through life using drugs and still being a wonderful father/mother/child/productive member of society. Drug use =/= addicted, lazy criminal with no aspirations!!

We need to stop stigmatizing people who use drugs as non-people/criminals.

And we need to stop judging because, as exampled above, we clearly know JACK SHIT about the lives of others and should learn to keep our mouths shut.


Just your daily reminders:

  • Racists are a problem
  • White people are not
  • Homophobes are a problem
  • Straight people are not
  • Transphobes are a problem
  • Cis people are not
  • Sexists are a problem
  • Men are not

And most importantly,

  • Hating an innocent person solely because of their race, sexuality, or gender makes you a fucking asshole


It ain’t true love until you kiss after oral

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Road to EDCLV 2015

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